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Norton Setup - Enter Norton product Key - - These days the internet is no longer a safe zone for the users that make an online purchase, manage internet banking, and perform online business deals. This is due to unsafe websites, malicious links, and unsecured emails. Most of the common computer security programs might occasionally fail in protecting you from these internet attacks. 

Your banking credentials, business-sensitive information, and other private data are always open to potential risks and viruses. Thanks to Norton's smart internet protection that sets a powerful shield between your system and the internet. Its real-time scanning and firewall ensure that no remote user or random program accesses your computer data without your permission. Visit to download, install, and activate the Norton security products.     

Norton Activation Code: What is it & How to Use It

Most commonly, it is printed on the Norton installation DVD, and it appears like this: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. These days, the company is also making it available on the Norton retail card if the product is bought offline. 

When a user accesses or other sites to purchase Norton subscription, it is sent to the registered buyer's registered email by Norton. So you should quickly check your email inbox if you make an online purchase of a Norton product. 

Signing Up for a New Account on

  1. Open any internet browser. 
  2. Find the URL address bar on the upper of the screen. 
  3. Click on that and then put in ""
  4. Press Enter. 
  5. Head to Sign Up. 
  6. Put in all of the required information that the website asks you to provide in order to create an account. 
  7. Now follow the on-screen guidelines to continue. 
  8. Hit the Agree button. 
  9. Follow all of the instructions that you see on the screen. 
  10. Congrats! You have successfully created the account on Norton. 

Sign In to Your Norton Account 

  1. On an internet browsing app, open 
  2. Now go to the Sign In link. 
  3. Put in your email and password that is registered on Norton. 
  4. Hit the login button to access your account. 

Claim Your Norton Product Key

  1. Go to on your preferred web browser. 
  2. Head to Enter a Product Key. 
  3. Now make sure to Sign in to your Norton account by navigating to the Log In option. 
  4. Carefully provide the 25-character activation key that you got with the Norton antivirus program.  
  5. Now follow all of the instructions on your screen to complete the process. 
  6. Voila! You have made it. 

Download & Install Norton Setup

norton com setup
  1. Firstly, head to
  2. Enter your Norton product key when asked to do so.
  3. Now sign in to your account. 
  4. Go to Get Started. 
  5. Read the license agreement very carefully. 
  6. Perform a click on the Accept option. 
  7. Follow all of the on-screen steps. 
  8. Make your way to the Agree & Download option.
  9. Hit the Next button.
  10. Now follow the remaining on-screen prompts and your installation package will be downloaded shortly 
  11. When the download starts, hold tight till it finishes. 
  12. Open the downloaded installation file by double-clicking on it.  
  13. A user license agreement should appear on the screen.
  14. You have to accept it in order to install the software.   
  15. Follow the prompts on the screen to continue. 
  16. When the installation progress bar appears, hold back tightly till it reaches 100%.
  17. Once that completes, make sure to close all of the running windows and apps. 
  18. Now restart the device to make changes to your device. 

Activate your Norton Subscription

norton setup
  1. Start by pressing the Windows + D keys at the same time on your keyboard. 
  2. Now make a double-click on the Norton icon to launch it. 
  3. Find your way to the My Norton option. 
  4. Go to Activate Now. 
  5. Watchfully enter your Norton Product key. Once again, it is located on the retail card or in the email from Norton. 
  6. Pursue the on-screen instructions to continue. 
  7. In case you want to renew your subscription, make your way to the Help option.
  8. Then click on Account Information. 
  9. Go to the Product key. 
  10. Put in the 25 characters long activation code when asked to do so. 
  11. Go to Next. 
  12. Pursue the on-screen instructions to complete the product renewal. 
  13. Congrats! Your product is now activated, and you have unlocked all of its features.